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Außenaufnahme aus erhöhter Position von historischen Backsteingebäuden auf dem Campus Charité Mitte. Hinter den Gebäuden ist das Bettenhochhaus zu sehen.

Neural Networks

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AG Neural Networks

Our group focuses on understanding the neural basis of learning and other cognitive functions, in particular in the context of one of the major risk factors for neuropsychiatric disorders, early-life stress. We use large-scale electrophysiological recording techniques in rodent models to monitor neural activity in multiple brain areas to elucidate how neural networks associated with learning and particular skills, such as cognitive flexibility, are affected by adverse early life experiences. Methods to manipulate neural activity will help us link deficits and alterations with specific brain areas and cell types.

Our research is supported by the Cluster of Excellence NeuroCure (



M.Sc. Luna Strauch

research fellow / doctoral candidate