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Research Group Digital Psychiatry

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The research group digital psychiatry is bringing together scientific and clinical knowledge in the field of mental health with all areas of digitalization. We are exploring how digital tools can help to lower barriers for access of care and help to improve the quality of care in all stages – from diagnosing, detecting, monitoring and treating mental illnesses. Although there is a plethora of digital tools, the implementation in clinical routine care is still limited. With a strong translational focus, we are exploring possibilities of integration of digital therapies in existing care paths. We are linking scientific projects within the field of digital psychiatry, thereby establishing a network of partners who are working in development, implementation, and evaluation of digital tools in psychiatry. We want to establish paths of integration of our clinical and scientific knowledge into the outside world of other stakeholders in the field (patient initiatives, insurance companies, industry). Our mission is to develop a better patient care and to optimize clinical and scientific progress with the help of digital tools.

Points of interest

  • How can digital tools alleviate problems occurring in care and treatment?  
  • How will digital tools change psychiatric care? What are potential obstacles and risks of exclusion?
  • How might App-based measures change insight in how psychiatric diseases are diagnosed and monitored e.g., via electronic momentary assessments, patient reported outcomes or digital phenotyping?
  • How might novel digital outcomes inform other fields of research like neuroimaging and genetics?
  • To establish protocols for clinical evaluations of apps/digital tools and to foster collaboration with other stakeholders
  • How can novel tools be integrated into existing structures (interoperability)?
  • How can digital tools help with recruiting inclusion of patients for studies?
  • How can digital health literacy be improved for potential users, medical doctors and therapists?

Current projects

  • Recovery Cat, BIH Digital Health Accelerator, Jakob Kaminski
  • Movisens App, BiPoLife A3, BMBF, Stefanie Schreiter
  • Buddy App, funded by Exist Stipendium, Lea Mascarell Maricic


Dr. med. Stefanie Schreiter

Senior physician, Head of the Prevention and Therapy Center for Bipolar Disorders, Head of the research groups Mental Health Care Research for Vulnerable Groups and Digital Psychiatry

Dr. med. Jakob Kaminski

Resident, Early diagnosis and intervention center for psychosis FeTZ, Fellow of the BIH Charité Clinician Scientist Program, Head of research group Digital Psychiatry, Medical management of home treatment


M.Sc. Linda Kokwaro

Doctoral candidate; Research group Digital Psychiatry

Dr. med. Felix Machleid

Physician in training, Postdoctoral research fellow, Research group Digital Psychiatry

Standard-Porträt "Person, neutral"
Lea Mascarell Maricic

Research fellow, Research groups Emotional Neuroscience, Sports Psychiatrie and Psychotherapy, Digital Psychiatry

Dipl.-Psych. Esther Quinlivan

Psychological psychotherapist, Psychiatric outpatient clinic, Head of the Early diagnosis and intervention center for psychosis Berlin-Brandenburg (FeTZ), Research fellow in the research groups Mood Disorders and Digital Psychiatry

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Dr. med. Constantin Volkmann

Assistant physician, Head of Research Group Reconsidering psychiatric treatments, Postdoctoral research fellow research group Digital Psychiatry


  • Prof. Dr. med. Surjo Soekadar (Head of research group Clinical Neurotechnology, Department of Psychiatry and Neurosciences, Charité Campus Mitte)
  • Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Daniel Fürstenau (Head of research group Digital Transformation and Applications, Institute of Medical Informatics at the Charité)
  • Dr. med. Caspar Wiegmann (Head physician of the psychiatric outpatient clinic, Kliniken im Theodor-Wenzel-Werk Berlin)