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Research projects - Research group Recreational Drugs

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SuPrA-Survey – Consumption patterns and preventive offers in Berlin's nightlife

Using both a questionnaire and structured personal interviews with experts in the field, this study assesses the consumption patterns and motivations of substance use of people in berlin's nightlife. Furthermore, current preventive measures and offers are evaluated and the need for more/other offers is investigated.
Aim of this study is to depict the current substance use and to outline the need for preventive offers.

This study is being conducted on behalf of Berlin's Senate Administration (Senatsverwaltung für Gesundheit, Pflege und Gleichstellung)

Student Drugsurvey I

A cross-sectional survey of consumption patterns and motivations of psychoactive substances among university students

This study investigates consumption patterns and motivations regarding alcohol, cannabis and other substances among students of higher education in Berlin. The survey further assesses data regarding personality, academic performance, well-being and risk behavior. The study aims to investigate associations between consumption and personality, as well as problems with dealing with problems related to the university and risk taking behavior in other situations.

Furthermore, it aims to assess the need of counselling with regard the consumption of psychoactive substances and its consequences.

The results will be integrated in current counselling services in order to be able to better meet the needs of the students. App. 12000 questionnaires are evaluated in this study.

Student Drugsurvey II

This study is a follow-up-assessment to the Student Drugsurvey I. Students were asked the same questions as in the first survey one year later. Using a unique and individual code, the responses of both time points can be linked, in order to be able to evaluate the inquired parameters longitudinally, allowing a broader insight in potential associations between substance use and other characteristics. App. 5000 questionnaires are evaluated in this study.

Drug Checking – Assessment of demand

The so-called Drug Checking is a harm reduction tool, which provides the offer of analysis of substances regarding purity and contamination with cutting agents. Drug checking is controversially discussed in politics. In order to be able to estimate whether or not a drug checking offer would be used by the scene, and in which way it would influence the consumption patterns of users, we conduct a survey in the party scene, evaluating several parameters, including how users stated to react to different test results (e.g. adjusting dose in case of high concentration, discarding the substance if contaminated etc.).

EPIsoDE-Study: Psilocybin in the treatment of treatment-resistant depression

The Recreational Drugs research group participates in the bicentric randomized-controlled clinical trial, in which the administration of psilocybin is used in therapy-resistant patients. The leading study center is the ZI Mannheim under the lead of Prof. Dr. Gerhard Gründer.