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People - Research group Recreational Drugs

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Dr. med. Felix Betzler

Medical specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy, Head of research group Recreational Drugs

Dr. rer. medic. Dipl.-Psych. Moritz Petzold

Psychological psychotherapist, ward 155, Deputy head research group Recreational Drugs

Dr. med. Michael Koslowski

Medical specialist in psychiatry und psychotherapy, Deputy head of research group Recreational Drugs

Leonard Viohl

Doctoral candidate

Jonas Helbig

Assistant physician

Steffi Tränkner

Freelance employee research group Recreational Drugs, Assistant physician at KEH, Doctoral student at the Department of Neurology CCM

Lukas Rödiger

Assistant physician

Jinan Abi Jumaa

MSc Public Health, Ph.D. student; Research group Transcultural Psychiatry, Research group Recreational Drugs

Dr. rer. oec. Helene Naegele

Doctoral candidate, medical student, Research group Recreational Drugs

Anna Martenson

Doctoral candidate