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Research group Recreational Drugs

The research lab 'Recreational Drugs' investigates patterns and prevalence of various substances, in particular the so called 'party drugs'. Furthermore, our research evaluates potential therapeutic purposes of psychoactive substances.

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Our research lab investigates consumption patterns of psychoactive substances. In particular, we focus on substances which are primarily consumed for the purpose of pleasure, which may (or may not) be associated with addiction (=Recreational Drugs). Our research targets especially the so-called 'party drugs' (amphetamine, MDMA, cocaine, ketamine, cannabis, psilocybin, LSD etc.).

Research activities focus on:

  • Epidemiologic assessments regarding substance use, consumption patterns and –motives in different cohorts, e.g. the party scene, students or people of different subcultures.
  • Evaluation of preventive measures regarding substance use and misuse, especially the party scene
  • Research on therapeutic use of psychoactive substances in various psychiatric disorders, e.g. psilocybin as a treatment of depression, anxiety disorders and addiction, MDMA as a treatment of PTSD, Ketamine as a treatment for depression etc.


Dr. med. Felix Betzler

Medical specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy, Head of research group Recreational Drugs