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TraFaSu-Study - Transgenerational und familial aspects of suicidality

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A cooperation with the Robert-Enke-Foundation, the self-help group AGUS Berlin and the Berlin crisis line BeSuBerlin.
Suicide unalteredly remains among the most frequent causes of death. Independent of familial occurrence of psychiatric disorders, death of a relative by suicide is a major risk factor for suicidal behaviour. Study findings suggest that dysfunctional familial communication may aggravate suicidality in relatives of suicides.

This project aims at contributing to an understanding of the development of suicidality in suicide relatives, focussing on connections of familial communication and the process of mourning, individual coping mechanisms and implicit and explicit cognitions towards suicide among family members. 


Dr. med. Stefan Gutwinski
Dr. med. Jonathan Henssler
Frauke Stuke, MSc
Doctoral Candidate
Sonja Radde