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SAAPO-Study (Survey investigating amphibia secretions from phyllomedusa bicolor and the Otac-toad)

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In the past couple of years, interest in kambo, a treatment using the skin secretion of the giant leaf frog (phyllomedusa bicolor) has increased. Kambo is found in the Amazon bassin and has been historically used there for healing rituals. There are hardly any scientific data on possible benefits or risks of this treatment. This is the first study worldwide to investigate people who have gained experiences with kambo. The aim of the study on is to understand motivations and subjective acute and long-term effects of kambo.

Further information


Principal Investigator
Dr. Tomislav Majić
Dr. Timo T. Schmidt, FU Berlin
Dr. Ricarda Evens

Doctoral candidates and co-workers
Meike Sauter