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FROST-Study (Questionnaire for Participants of Opioid Maintenance Treatment)

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The FROST-Study evaluates quality of treatment, side effects and evaluation of treatment of subgroups (e.g. migrants) of opioid maintenance treatment since 2011 and included more than 1200 patients.

Currently more than 5000 patients receive opioid maintenance treatment in Berlin. The efficacy of opioid maintenance treatment has lead to reduced mortality, morbidity and criminality. Opioid maintenance treatment is based on judicial conditions, which define regulation for take-home treatment. Additionally, opioid maintenance treatment can have relevant side effects.

The FROST-Study aims to evaluate determining factors of long term opioid maintenance treatment to improve quality of treatment.


Principal Investigators
Dr. Stefan Gutwinski
Prof. Dr. Felix Bermpohl
(Dr. Nikola Schoofs: FROST 2)

Doctoral Candidates
Ane Katrin Schmidt
Sarah Hahn