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Antipsychotic Withdrawal - Individual Patient Data Analysis of the Placebo Groups in Randomized Controlled Trials

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Ongoing systematic assessment of withdrawal symptoms and relapse after stopped antipsychotic treatment of over 4400 patients from at least 45 randomized controlled trials.

Rapid discontinuation of treatment with antipsychotics occurs frequently, for example because of occurrence of side effects or low adherence. Withdrawal symptoms and relapse are among the known risks when discontinuing antipsychotics. Avoiding withdrawal symptoms and relapse after antipsychotic discontinuation, reduction, or switch is a key factor when planning a safe and successful therapy. However, data about withdrawal symptoms after antipsychotic discontinuation are scarce.

This study aims at assessing withdrawal symptoms and relapse after stopped antipsychotic treatment and thus optimize treatment options.


Project coordination
Lasse Brandt, Dr. Stefan Gutwinski, and Prof. Dr. Dr. Stefan Leucht (Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Technical University, Klinikum rechts der Isar)