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Subcheck – Pilot project for Integrated Drug Checking – scientific evaluation

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A scientific evaluation accompanying the pilot project Subcheck of the SiT Thüringen will be carried out. Subcheck is applying Integrated Drug Checking of illegalized so-called "party drugs". Drug Checking (DC) has a focus on consumers of party drugs. At its centre stands a chemical-toxicological analysis method, which gives potential users of psychoactive substances the opportunity to get informed about the composition and dosage of mixtures of substances purchased at the black market. In addition, Integrated Drug Checking (IDC) combines the chemical analysis process with the presence of qualified prevention professionals, who usually make low-threshold contact to generally difficult-to-reach groups of drug users within specific cultural scenes. Consequently, they are more likely to be able to impart objective scientific information and offer counselling services. In addition, IDC helps for example to monitor developments and trends in the drug market (drug monitoring) and therefore is contributing to the goal of reducing risks that are involved with taking dangerous substances. In this project, consumption patterns and motivations as well as the effectiveness of Integrated Drug Checking are examined by questioning the participants at 3 different survey points in time.


Principal Investigator
Dr. Tomislav Majić
Dr. Stefan Gutwinski

Doctoral candidates and co-workers
Simon Reiche