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Research Group Meta-analyses and replication

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The research group focuses on evidence-based psychiatric research. The increasing amount of data in the field of psychiatric research requires evidence-based analyses that can be used, among other things, to establish treatment guidelines. We implement and develop meta-analytical and replication methods in areas of psychiatric research such as psychotic disorders, mood disorders, and intercultural psychiatry.
As part of projects funded by the DFG and BMBF, we investigate the effectiveness and tolerability of pharmacological psychiatric therapies. In addition, we review fundamental paradigms of psychiatric treatment approaches using meta-analytical methods.
We use aggregated data and individual participant data to optimise the validity and reproducibility in clinical and pre-clinical study designs.

Heads of the Research Group

Dr. med. Lasse Brandt

Senior physician, Medical specialist for psychiatry and psychotherapy, Head of research group Empathy and interpersonal processes, Head of research group Meta-analyses and replication

Dr. med. Jonathan Henssler

Senior physician, Head of research group Meta-analyses and replication