Empathy and interpersonal processes

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The research group "Empathy and interpersonal processes" focuses on social information processing and reciprocity in psychotic disorders.

Main topics comprise:

  • the behavioural evaluation of social-cognitive and meta-cognitive processes
  • the investigation of their neurobiological, functional and genetic correlates
  • research regarding the efficacy of psychotherapeutic interventions aiming to improve mentalizing capacity and interpersonal functioning.

Other important projects refer to the subjective experience and reduction of coercive interventions in psychiatry, to the evaluation of new models of psychiatric care and the role of spirituality and religiosity in people with psychoses.

The group has close cooperative links to the department's research divisions of neuroimaging and social psychiatry, the International Psychoanalytic University (IPU Berlin), the Weissensee School of Arts Kolleg Kunsttherapie der Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee and the Dachverband Deutschsprachiger PsychosenPsychotherapie (DDPP).

Head of the research group

PD Dr. med. Christiane Montag

Senior Consultant, Head of research division Psychotic disorders, Head of research group Empathy and interpersonal processes

PUK der Charité im SHK - Portrait PD Dr. med. Christiane Montag
Lasse Brandt

Assistant physician, Head of research group Empathy and interpersonal processes


Samuel Bayer
Gianna Bertram
Sarah-Elisabeth Biederbick
Lasse Brandt
Anna-Lena Bröcker
Dr. med. André Ehrlich
Jacob Funcke
Patrick Giemsa
Catharina Görtler
Daniel Gröne
Jasmina Hadzibegovic
Sandra Just
Juliane Mielau
Ivan Nenchev
Johanna Schöner
Lucas Guilherme Speck
Zoe Strasser
Frauke Stuke
Ioannis Tsagkas