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Emotional Neuroscience

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Emotional Neuroscience

The research group "Emotional Neuroscience" has a focus on neurobiological correlates of emotional, motivational and cognitive processes in psychiatric disorders, like in alcohol dependence, behavioural addictions, affective disorders and schizophrenia. Especially emotion and reward processing as well as reward-associated learning and memory are core interests of our research. We combine different methodically strategies such as functional magnetic resonance imaging, positron emission tomography, MR spectroscopy and brain volumetry to assess the neurobiology of psychiatric disorders and its relation to psychopathology and neuropsychological functions. Moreover, we seek after neurobiological endophenotypes in patient populations by combining neuroimaging with genetic analyses. Heading for a retranslation of neuroscientific research into clinical practise we are also interested in the neurobiological mechanisms of therapeutic change.

For further information please contact Nina Romanczuk-Seiferth (nina.seiferth(at)charite.de) or Anne Beck (anne.beck(at)charite.de).

Group Leaders

Nina Romanczuk-Seiferth (CV)
Anne Beck


Jan Philipp Albrecht
Milan Andrejevic
Lukas Ballon
Magdalena Bartelt
Jan-Friso Beck
Katharina Brehm
Katrin Charlet
Lena Fliedner
Robin Frank
Maria Garbusow
Alexander Genauck
Tobias Gleich
Sabrina Golde
Davina Grünler
Lena Hasselberg
Paul Jetzschmann
Stefan Koch
Sabrina Kutz
Shuyan Liu
Robert Lorenz
Patricia Pelz
Nadja Petzold
Saskia Quester
Lydia Romund
Annika Rosenthal
Jasmin Rößler
Daniel Schad
Miriam Sebold
Fiete Steffenhangen
Loretta Sundmacher
Torsten Wüstenberg

Open Positions

Student Internship (study assistance)
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