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Working Group Intercultural Migration and Care Research

Our work group is interdisciplinary, multi-professional and intercultural. Psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, social pedagogues, nursing staff, etc. participate in the working group. Within the university framework, research project and support offers are possible; this means that we have the opportunity to research, teach and heal.

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Care research is a field that deals with the health care system and its framework conditions, explains interrelations and contributes to the development of scientifically sound care concepts, implements them and evaluates their effectiveness under everyday conditions. Migration research is a part of care research that deals with cultural aspects of prevalence, etiology, pathogenesis, symptomatology, therapy, aftercare and prevention of mental illnesses in people with migration and refugee backgrounds from different cultural contexts. It investigates similarities and differences of mental illnesses in diverse cultures. According to the 2018 Microcensus, around 19.258 million people with a migration background lived in Germany in 2017, accounting for around 23.6% of the total population (Federal Statistical Office 2018).

Heads of the research group

Prof. Dr. med. Meryam Schouler-Ocak

Head senior physician of the psychiatric outpatient clinic at the Psychiatric University Clinic of the Charité at St. Hedwig-Krankenhaus, Head of the Research Division Intercultural Migration and Care Research, Social Psychiatry

Prof. Dr. med. Dipl.-Psych. Wulf Rössler

Senior Professor, Head of research group Intercultural Migration and Care Research

Project staff

Dr. Marion Aichberger
Dr. Joachim Bretz
Dipl.-Psych. Amanda Heredia-Montesinos
Julia Okur
Johanna Winkler
Dr. M Thoenis
Dr. Stefanie Schreiter
Dr. Stefan Gutwinski
Dr. Jonathan Henssler
PD Dr. Eva Brandl
Nur Kirkgöze
Deniz Gürbüz
Nicholas Magdits
Dr. Ingar Abels

Dr. phil. Zohra Bromand
Dipl.-Soz. Wiss. Robert Teltzrow
Dipl.-Wi.Jur. (FH) Xandra Herrmann
Sarah Maria Schade

MD and PhD students

Julia Junghanss
Sonja Radde
Johanna Winkler
Amanda Heredia Montesinos
Aylin Aydogan
Jenny Jesuthasan
Ekin Sönmez
Abit Kazci