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Research Projects - Research Group Transcultural Psychiatry

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Current research projects

Research Association Discrimination and Racism (FoDIRA)

  • Systematic examination of central domains, in which racist attitudes and prejudices originate, reproduce, exacerbate, or abate
  • Funded by BMFSJ, a project of the DeZIM research association
  • Affiliated with the department Migration and Health of the Berlin Institute of Empirical Integration and Migration Research (BIM), Co-PI: Prof. Dr. Ulrike Kluge
  • Associates: Dana Abdel-Fatah
  • Duration: 04/2022 – 08/2024

International Research Training Group - Transformative Religion

  • Religion as situated knowledge in processes of social transformation
  • DFG/ NRF
  • Charité-PI: Prof. Dr. Ulrike Kluge
  • Duration: 2022-2024

Transforming Solidarities: Practice and infrastructure in the migration society

  • Funded by the funding initiative Grand Challenges "Social Cohesion" Exploration Projects of the Berlin University Alliance (BUA)
  • Charité-PI: Prof. Dr. Ulrike Kluge, jointly with 11 more PIs of HU, TU and FU Berlin
  • Associates: see homepage of the consortium
  • Duration: 01/2021 – 12/2023

TRANSMIT-Transnational Perspectives on Migration and Integration

  • Funded by the BMFSFJ, a project of the DeZIM research association
  • Affiliated with the department Migration and Health of the Berlin Institute of Empirical Integration and Migration Research (BIM), CO-PI: Prof. Dr. Ulrike Kluge
  • Associates: Judith Köhler
  • Duration: 01/2020 – 12/2022

TransVer and TransVer-neXus

  • Network of psychosocial resources for the intercultural opening of the general mental health care system for.
  • 2017 - 2019: Funded by the German Lottery Foundation Berlin (Stiftung Deutsche Klassenlotterie Berlin).
  • Duration: since 2017
  • Director: Dr. Simone Penka, Vice-director: Prof. Dr. Ulrike Kluge
  • Staff: see TransVer homepage

Exploring and Designing Urban Density. Neurourbanism as a Novel Approach in Global Health

Past research projects (since 2012)

MiG BaWü

  • Migration and Health Care Delivery in Baden-Württemberg
  • funded by the Ministry of Social Affairs, Health and Integration Baden-Württemberg
  • PI: Prof. Dr. Ulrike Kluge
  • Duration: 10/2022 - 03/2023
  • Researchers: Laura Hertner, Steffen Schödwell
  • Final report (only available in German) [download link "Abschlussbericht_MiGBaWü]



  • Forced displacement and refugee-host community solidarity
  • Funded by the EU-Commission, Horizon 2020.
  • Coordinator: Danish Red Cross. Project leader at the Charité: Prof. Dr. Ulrike Kluge
  • In collaboration with the Berlin Institute on Integration and Migration research.
  • Duration: 01/2019-06/2022.
  • Researchers: Dana Abdel-Fatah, Steffen Schödwell, Laura Hertner, and Anna Brenner


  • Prevention and Treatment of Substance Use Disorders in Refugees
  • Funded by the BMBF.
  • PI: Ingo Schäfer (University Clinic Hamburg-Eppendorf), Co-PI: Andreas Heinz
  • Duration: 02/2019-03/2022
  • Researchers: Dr. Simone Penka, Laura Hertner, Panagiotis Stylianopoulos

Evaluation study of psychosocial counseling in the mother tongue language for people with a migration background or refugee experience

  • Funded by the BMG
  • Duration: 12/2017-12/2019
  • PI: Inge Missmahl (IPSO gGmbH)
  • Researchers: Anna Brenner, Livia Valensise, Prof. Dr. Ulrike Kluge

Psychoanalytic and group-analytic resonance spaces and treatment possibilities for people with an immigration background, with a focus on refugees: “The new and the familiar in the mirror of the (allegedly) foreign”

  • Homepage of the project
  • Funded by the Stiftung Freie Assoziation
  • Duration: 07/2017-09/2019
  • PI: Prof. Dr. Ulrike Kluge
  • Researcher: Steffen Schödwell


  • MEntal Health in Refugees and Asylum Seekers
  • Funded by the Innovationsfond.
  • PI: Prof. Dr. Malek Bajbouj (CBF), Co-PI: Prof. Dr. Dr. Andreas Heinz
  • Duration: 2017-2019
  • Researchers at CCM: Stefanie Weigold, Nassim Mehran, Jinan Abu Jumaa


"Welcoming culture at the Charité"

  • Development and coordination of a Berlin-wide network for the professionalization of psychosocial basic care for asylum-seekers and refugees
  • Funded by the Max Rubner Prize 2016 – the prize for innovative changes at the Charité
  • In cooperation with the team of the Center for Cross-Cultural Psychiatry and Psychotherapy - ZIPP.
  • Duration: 04/2016-03/2017
  • PI: Prof. Dr. Ulrike Kluge
  • Researchers: Judith Strasser, Corinna Rosenthal, the team of the Center for Cross-Cultural Psychiatry and Psychotherapy - ZIPP

Further training and supervision for established colleagues who are engaged in the general mental health care of refugees

  • funded by the Volunteer Program of the Bayer Cares Foundation.
  • Duration: 03/2016-02/2017
  • PIs: Dr. Jens Preil (external), Prof. Dr. Ulrike Kluge


  • refugee women and (psychosocial) voluntary engagement.
  • Development of a modularized supervision concept to support volunteers in their work with refugees. It is part of the research cluster "Solidarity" at the Berlin Institute for Integration and Migration Research (BIM).
  • Funded by the Federal Government's Representative for Migration, Refugees and Integration.
  • Duration: 04/2016-12/2016
  • Researchers: see website of the BIM


  • Study group "Mental Health and Migration"
  • Funded by the Volkswagen Foundation
  • Terminated 2013

Current Doctoral Theses

  • Saskia Judith Schubert: "Das Zusammenspiel von Persönlichkeitseigenschaften, kulturbezogenen Einstellungen gegenüber Geflüchteten und der psychischen Gesundheit von Einheimischen"
  • Felix Klapprott: "This is madness? A mixed-method study on how depressive symptoms in refugees are perceived by third parties: Understanding refugee lay-people's explanatory models of depression, and comparing professional perceptions and lay impressions of both refugee and non-refugee lay-people"
  • Felicia Lazaridou: "A critical interpretive study of stress, distress and coping among African immigrants and refugees in Berlin: the meaning of 'Black Feminism' across transnational boundaries"
  • Laura Hertner: Substance (mis)use among refugee women in Germany: patterns, motives and accessibility of addiction care services
  • Lilian Franck: Sex education for women & marginalised genders in the digital era: a qualitative interview study (WT)
  • Ebtesam Saleh: Medications abuse: In-depth interviews with refugees in addiction and rehabilitation centers in Berlin
  • Ricarda Theobald: The humanitarian diagnosis of vulnerability. An anthropological analysis of psychological vulnerability assessments in the German asylum procedure
  • Sina Benyamina: Healing through dialogues on sexual desire

All those interested in a doctoral thesis, please send us a max. 2-page exposé and a CV. We offer a colloquium every 4 weeks for doctoral candidates.


If you are interested in an internship, please contact via email.

Please note: There are no internships available until end of 2022. We will accept applications again from autumn 2022.

Further Training and Postgraduate Training

  • Since 2010, the ZIPP cooperates with psychoanalytic training institutes to offer the first qualifying further training seminar in the field of intercultural psychotherapy and supervision (BSIPS – Berlin Seminar for Intercultural Psychotherapy and Supervision).
  • Beyond that, we offer various further training and postgraduate training programs within our fields of research and practice

External Cooperations

  • Berlin Institute for Integration and Migration Research (BIM)
  • District office Berlin-Mitte (Dr. Jeffrey Butler)
  • Partners in the respectice research projects
  • Selection of national and local cooperation partners:
    • Geko - Your Community Halth Care Center in Neukölln
    • Senate Department for Science, Health and Care Berlin
    • Senate Department for Integration, Labour and Social Affairs Berlin
    • State Office for Refugee Affairs Berlin
    • Interdisciplinary Forum Neurourbanism e.V.
    • Institute for European Ethnology, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin
    • Psychotherapeutenkammer Berlin
    • German Association of Psychosocial Centres for Refugees and Victims of Torture (BAfF)
    • Ministry of Social Affairs, Health and Integration Baden-Württemberg
    • Centre of Interdisciplinary Addiction Research (ZIS) of the University of Hamburg

  • Selection of international cooperation partners:
    • Malmö University, Sweden
    • Delft University of Technology, Netherlands
    • University of Witwatersrand Johannesburg, South Africa
    • UC Berkeley, USA
    • University Zagreb, Croatia
    • Jordan University Amman, Jordan
    • Danish Red Cross, Denmark