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Jinan Abi Jumaa

MSc Public Health, Ph.D. student; Research group Transcultural Psychiatry

Dr. med. M.Sc. Marion Christina Aichberger

Physician, Head of Research Group Global Mental Health, Postdoctoral research fellow, Research Group Transcultural Psychiatry, Working group for Intercultural Research on Migration and the Health Sector, Research Group Transcultural Psychiatry

Dipl.-Psych. Sanja Hodzic

Psychologist, Research Group Transcultural Psychiatry, Intercultural Center for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy (ZIPP)

Dr. med. Armin Hoyer

Assistant physician, Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic, Early diagnosis and intervention center for incipient psychosis Berlin-Brandenburg (FeTZ)

Prof. Dr. phil. Dipl. Psych. Ulrike Kluge

Head of the Research Group Transcultural Psychiatry and the Center of Cross-Cultural Psychiatry and Psychotherapy (ZIPP)

M.A. Nassim Mehran

Ph.D. student, Master of Architecture and Urban design, Guest Lecturer at Humboldt University of Berlin

Dr. rer. medic. M.A. Simone Penka

Research fellow, Research Group Transcultural Psychiatry, Educational scientist, ethnologist, social worker

Dr. med. Berenice Romero

Physician, research assistant, Research Group Transcultural Psychiatry

M.A. Steffen Schödwell

Research fellow, Research Group Transcultural Psychiatry

Dr. med. Stefanie Schreiter

Assistant physician, Head of the Prevention and Therapy Center for Bipolar Disorders, Fellow of the BIH Charité Clinician Scientist Program, Postdoctoral research fellow: Research group Mood Disorders, Research group Psychotropic Substances

Dr. med. Igor Sutej

Senior physician, Head of Outpatient Department