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Research group Reconsidering psychiatric treatments

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In a psychiatric context, the treatment of mental disorders comprises psychotherapeutic procedures and complementary therapies as well as pharmacotherapeutic strategies. For many of these treatment approaches there seems to be sufficient evidence of efficacy in terms of evidence-based medicine, such as meta-analyses of the short- and long-term efficacy of antidepressants in the treatment of severe depressive episodes. However, in our opinion, important methodological aspects of the primary studies have not yet been sufficiently been taken into account, but are of high relevance for the benefit-risk assessment in clinical practice.   

The focus of this research group is on the discussion of current psychiatric treatment approaches and possible alternatives.

The working group is advised by its own advisory board, consisting of a patient representative, a family representative, a medical ethicist and a physician of the social psychiatric service.


Dr. med. Constantin Volkmann

Assistant physician, Head of Research Group Reconsidering psychiatric treatments, Postdoctoral research fellow research group Digital Psychiatry

PD Dr. med. Christian Müller

Senior Physician, Head of research division Addiction, Head of research group Reconsidering Psychiatric Treatments

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