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Research group Mental Health Care Research for Vulnerable Groups

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Poverty, loss of employment and homelessness can have a major impact on one’s quality of life and mental health. Vulnerable Groups, such as people experiencing homelessness or people affected by poverty often experience marginalization and social exclusion, also affecting the health care system leading to barriers in access to health care services.
Insufficient medical treatment and high prevalence rates of mental disorders, limited mobility, lack of privacy, repression in public areas, exclusion from digital communication and social stigmatization: Daily life of vulnerable groups is often a reflection of multidimensional and interrelated processes of marginalization.

The research group Mental Health Care Research for vulnerable groups aims to explore the underlying social, institutional and individual processes of social marginalization with special focus on people with mental health problems. The goal is to develop theoretical and practical approaches of prevention, treatment and inclusion. The research group works in an inter- and transdisciplinary way and includes international partners from different disciplines (e.g. research network homelessness and health at the Charité), partners in the field and peers.

Managing Team

Dr. med. Stefanie Schreiter

Senior physician, Head of the Prevention and Therapy Center for Bipolar Disorders, Head of the research groups Mental Health Care Research for Vulnerable Groups and Digital Psychiatry

Dr. med. Stefan Gutwinski

Senior physician, Head of Psychotropic Substances Research Group, Head of Research group Mental Health Care Research for Vulnerable Groups


Karl Deutscher
Kirsten Gehrenbeck
Sascha Heidrich
Sophia Krüger
Dario Jalilzadeh Masah
Derin Marbin
Ella Westerbarkey