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Group leader

Stephan Ripke, MD, PhD (CV)


- Dr. med. / M.D., Magna Cum Laude, University of Hamburg, Germany 2001
- Theodor Reich Young Investigator Award of the International Society of Psychiatric Genetics. 2013 (page 15)
- The Sidney R. Baer, Jr., Prize of the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation 2014
- Ph. D., Cum Laude, Utrecht University, Netherlands 2014
- Paper of the Year, International Society of Psychiatric Genetics. WCPG, Toronto 2015

Research Support

5U01MH094432-02 (Daly, PI)                                                                                05/10/12 -03/31/16    

NIH/ NIHM                                                                                                     

2/3 Psychiatric GWAS Consortium: Genomic Followup Next Gen Sequencing and Genotyping

The aims of this proposal are to build on the already successful Psychiatric GWAS consortium's efforts aggregating genetic data for psychiatric illness. As additional work in the community is being conducted that expands the GWAS data and is beginning to generate sequencing data, further work is necessary to ensure that maximal value is extracted from these combined efforts.

NARSAD YOUNG Investigator Grant 2015

Stanley Center Spende 2015