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Laboratory for statistical genetics

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Nora Skarabis
Swapnil Awasthi
Alice Braun
Carolin Andraschko
Julia Kraft
Vassily Trubetskoy
Piotr Bucichowski
Yannick Daugs

Open positions

  • Student Worker (medical and psychology students, up to 20 h/week, combination with doctoral thesis possible)
  • Start: as soon as possible
  • Application due: open until filled

Laboratory for statistical genetics

Group leader

Stephan Ripke, MD, PhD (CV)

Since the early days of my medical training I have an interest and pursue computational methods in genetic research. The rare combination of strong computational and statistical background with medical / clinical training allows me to execute all necessary steps from receiving raw genotypic data, via all necessary computational steps (QC, imputation, meta-analysis, PCA, etc) up to drawing medical/clinical conclusions from the results.

Moreover during the recent years, leading most statistical analyses of the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium – the biggest collaborative experiment in psychiatric genetics - I developed a strong sense for the requirements of the near future to continue our overwhelming success. It is my conviction that collecting new psychiatric individuals and healthy, matched controls with the possibility to recontact is one of the most valuable contributions to further progress in psychiatric research.

While keeping my central position at the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium I recently moved to Berlin, a major capital of the world without a sizable psychiatric dataset collection.

For further details please see CV.

Please also see BBRF award video.


- Dr. med. / M.D., Magna Cum Laude, University of Hamburg, Germany 2001
- Theodor Reich Young Investigator Award of the International Society of Psychiatric Genetics. 2013 (page 15)
- The Sidney R. Baer, Jr., Prize of the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation 2014
- Ph. D., Cum Laude, Utrecht University, Netherlands 2014
- Paper of the Year, International Society of Psychiatric Genetics. WCPG, Toronto 2015

Research Support

5U01MH094432-02 (Daly, PI)                                                                                05/10/12 -03/31/16    

NIH/ NIHM                                                                                                     

2/3 Psychiatric GWAS Consortium: Genomic Followup Next Gen Sequencing and Genotyping

The aims of this proposal are to build on the already successful Psychiatric GWAS consortium's efforts aggregating genetic data for psychiatric illness. As additional work in the community is being conducted that expands the GWAS data and is beginning to generate sequencing data, further work is necessary to ensure that maximal value is extracted from these combined efforts.

NARSAD YOUNG Investigator Grant 2015

Stanley Center Spende 2015

Publications Summary (Feb. 2016)

Total number of peer reviewed manuscripts: 118 (11 as first author)

Cumulative impact factor:                               1,735 (251 as first author)

Total number of citations:                               14,123 (average 120.0)

H-index:                                                          47

detailed information about citations: Google Scholar