Research Group Transcultural Psychiatry

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Research Group Transcultural Psychiatry

The interdisciplinary intercultural research group Transcultural Psychiatry is affiliated to the Centre for Intercultural Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Supervision (ZIPP)[1] which was founded in 2002 by Dr. Ernestine Wohlfart. Beyond transcultural psychiatry and intercultural psychotherapy the main focus is put on medical anthropology and ethnopsychiatry.

Dovetailing natural scientific and humanities-oriented approaches and combining quantitative and qualitative methods provides the basis for critical reflection and adequate research in this field. Both form prerequisites for the examination of social changes caused by increasing globalisation, mobility and migration.

Current research and evaluation projects: 

•  Development and ccordination of a Berlin wide network on professionalization of the psychosocial  care delivery for refugees, focussing on clinics and volunteers (funded by the Max Rubner-Award 2016– The innovation award for trailblazers at the Charité), together with the team oft he center for cross- cultural psychiatry and psychotherapy- ZIPP, duration 04/2016-03/2017

•  Training and supervision for psychotherapists in private practice togehter with health professionals with a refugee background and interpreters (funded by the volunteers program oft he Bayer Cares Foundation), duration 03/2016-02/2017

•  Cooperation partner oft he project reWoven - refugee women and (psychosocial) volunteer engagement. Development of a modularised supervision concept for female volunteers who work with refugee women. The project is part of the refugee cluster at the Berlin Institute of empirical research on integration and migration. Duration 04/2016-12/2016

 Completed research projects: 

•  Study group "Mental Health and Migration" (Volkswagen Foundation); v.

•  Evaluation of the utilisation of the ethnopsychiatric outpatient clinic with the main focus on interlingual and intercultural communication 

 Continuing education:

Since 2010 the ZIPP has been offering the first qualified continuing education programme in the field of intercultural psychotherapy and supervision (BSIPS- Berlin Workshop for Intercultural Psychotherapy and Supervision; chair: Monika Englisch, Fatih Güç, Tülay Özbek) in cooperation with the Berlin-based psychoanalytical institutes of continuing education. 


-          International Academy for Innovative Pedagogy, Psychology and Economics gGmbH at the Free University of Berlin (Prof. Manfred Zaumseil)

-          Department for Medical Psychology – University Medical Center Hamburg- Eppendorf (Prof. Uwe Koch-Gromus; PD Holger Schulz; Dr. Mike Mösko)

-          Bezirksamt Berlin- Mitte (Borough Office – Mitte) (Dr. Jeffrey Butler)

[1]           The ZIPP includes

·                     interdisciplinary, intercultural research group

·                     ethnopsychiatric outpatient clinic (q.v. departments/ PIA

                  psychiatric/international outpatient clinic, Campus Charité Mitte)

·                     continuing education v. :

·                     intercultural supervision, acting as experts for political panels

Scientific director

Dr. phil. Ulrike Kluge
Prof. Dr. med. Dr. phil. Andreas Heinz



Dipl.-Psych. Monika Englisch (Interkulturelle Supervisionsgruppe/ Qualitätszirkel, BSIPS),

Dr. Dipl.-Psych. Kostas Gontovos,

Dr. Christine Hardung (Ethnologin, Dolmetscherin),

Dipl.-Psych. Sanja Hodzic,

Dr. med. Scherin Jeratli,

Prof. Dr. Maya Nadig,

Dipl.-Psych. Tülay Özbek (BSIPS),

Simone Penka, M.A. (Ethnologin, Erziehungswissenschaftlerin, Sozialarbeiterin),

Dr. med. Berenice Romero,

Roman Snihurowych M.D.,

Dr. med. Igor Sutej,

Dr. med. Marion Aichberger MSc (International Public Health).