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Working Group Psychotraumatology

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The working group Psychotraumatology deals with the treatment of trauma disorders.

The focus is on the evaluation and further development of various specific psychotherapeutic procedures as well as novel pharmacological treatment approaches. In addition to procedural and result-related research, the investigation of predictors and mediators should lead to a better understanding of favourable and unfavourable therapeutic processes as well as to a better fit between therapy method and symptomatology.

The primary goal of the working group is to improve the quality of life, social integration and functional level of those affected. Against this background, result parameters beyond classical symptom ratings are also investigated.


Prof. Dr. med. Meryam Schouler-Ocak

Head senior physician of the psychiatric outpatient clinic at the Psychiatric University Clinic of the Charité at St. Hedwig-Krankenhaus, Head of the Research Division Intercultural Migration and Care Research, Social Psychiatry

Dr. med. Nikola Schoofs

Senior physician; Head of Research Group Psychotraumatology

Dr. rer. nat. Dipl.-Psych. Kathlen Priebe

Psychotherapist, Head of Research Group Psychotraumatology


Dr. phil. Dipl.-Psych. Zohra Bromand
Dipl.-Wirtschaftsjuristin (FH) Xandra Herrmann
Ruth Hütte
Helen Johanssen, MSc
Sarah Lennartz, MSc
Dr. rer. nat. Kristina Meyer
Dipl.-Psych. Amanda Heredia Montesinos
Dr. Racha Nassar
Dipl. Psych. Mirja Petri
Dipl.-Soz. Wiss. Robert Teltzrow
Felix Wülfing

Research assistants

Cand med. Sonja Radde
Nazli Ahu Amanet
Bahrije Aygar
Marina Fischer
Deniz Gürbüz
Pariser Rashidy

Cooperation partners

Prof. Dr. Martin Bohus, Mannheim
Prof. Dr. Thomas Fydrich, Berlin
Prof. Dr. Stefan Röpke, Berlin
PD Dr. Olaf Schulte-Herbrüggen, Berlin
PD Dr. Regina Steil, Frankfurt
PD  Dr. Christian Stiglmayr, Berlin
Prof. Dr. Andreas Ströhle, Berlin
Dr. Gert Tuinmann, Berlin