Team & contact - Working group and special outpatient clinic for anxiety disorders

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The anxiety outpatient clinic (Angstambulanz)

Besides our research work we also contribute to the clinical care of patients with anxiety disorders. With our special outpatient clinic for anxiety disorders ("Angstambulanz") we offer a multiprofessional team of physicians and psychological psychotherapists as well as multimodal treatment, particularly treatment of panic disorder, agoraphobia, generalized anxiety disorder and social phobia. After a standardized and thorough initial diagnosis, you have the option of receiving a disorder-specific psycho- and/or pharmacotherapy.

Further information regarding our activities in research and our range of treatments can be found at the website of the outpatient clinic for anxiety disorders.

Should you be interested in participating in a study and/or a therapy appointment, we would be very happy if you contacted us via telephone

+49 30 450 517 217 / +49 30 450 517 244

The team

Heads of the working group

Research and therapeutic employees

Dipl.-Psych. Isabel Alt
M.Sc.-Psych. Anna Dania Esch
Dipl.-Psych. Julia Große
Dr. med. Michael Koslowski
Dr. rer. medic. Dipl.-Psych. Carolin Liebscher
Dr. med. Lea Mascarell-Maricic
M.Sc.-Psych.  Sophie Meska
M.Sc.-Psych. Jennifer Mumm
Dipl.-Psych. Moritz Petzold
M.Sc.-Psych. Lars Thoma