Das Bild zeigt eine Ärztin am Schreibtisch, die einem Patienten ein Röntgenbild erklärt.

Psychotropic Substances Research Group

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Group leaders

Dr. Stefan Gutwinski
Dr. Tomislav Majić

Group members

Dr. Lena Karoline Bald
Dr. Stefanie Schreiter
Dr. Thomas Mell (Research group Gerontopsychiatry)
Dr. Jonathan Henssler
Dr. Nikola Schoofs

Lisa Walther
Jamie Eichmann,
Anne Brückner,
Ute Saathoff

Psychotropic Substances Research Group

Psychotropic substances are commonly used as psychopharmaceutical agents for treatment of psychiatric disorders. On the other hand, psychotropic substances are used by humans in order to induce non-ordinary states of consciousness. Therefore, they are important instruments for investigating different aspects of human consciousness. Moreover, psychotropic substances are associated with substance-related disorders, including dependence or drug-induced psychoses. In addition, psychotropic substances can influence course of psychiatric disorders (e.g. increase of symptoms).

Our research group investigates different aspects of psychotropic substances with a special focus on illegalized:

  • Effect of psychotropic substances on specific functions of consciousness in the framework of experimental – behavioural and imaging studies
  • Psychotropic substances in the context of recreational use – patterns of substance use, prevalence and motives of use and new psychoactive substances
  • The effects of drug policies on use, user health and treatment
  • Preventive interventions in all fields of drug use
  • Epidemiology, treatment and prevention of substance-related dependence
  • The clinical use of psychotropic substances as psychopharmaceutical agents, especially the use of approved drugs in new indication or forms of application
  • Psychosis and comorbid substance-related dependence ("double diagnoses")
  • Medical and psychosocial problems as as consequences of psychotropic substances
  • Specific aspects of substance use in the elderly (Co-operation with the working group for geriatric psychiatry
  • Anthropological, historical and sociological aspects of psychotropic substances