Das Bild zeigt eine Ärztin am Schreibtisch, die einem Patienten ein Röntgenbild erklärt.

Psychiatric outpatient clinics (PIA) of the Charité Campus Mitte

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Psychiatric outpatient clinics (PIA) of the Charité Campus Mitte

The Department of Psychiatry of the Charité University Medical Center provides a broad range of outpatient services for adults. In the psychiatric outpatient department (PIA) patients are treated (on the basis of §118 SGB V), because of the nature, severity or duration of their illness and it is designed for those in need of particularly intensive and complex near-hospital care.

The object of the PIA is to ensure a comprehensive psychiatric outpatient care for people with severe mental illness from the district Mitte of Berlin. Exceptions are possible, but require special medical or social justification.

Our range of treatments corresponds to the latest scientific evidence and is based on individual patient needs. In addition to psychiatric and psychotherapeutic diagnosis and treatment, we also offer assistance with social psychiatric problems and promote social inclusion and advise on occupational and social rehabilitation. By routine interdisciplinary collaboration within a modern university hospital center, co-existing psychological problems and non-psychiatric conditions are treated comprehensively as well.

Our multidisciplinary team includes medical specialists, psychologists, specially trained nurses, occupational therapists, music and art therapists and social workers.

The initial contact is based on a referral from a family physician or psychiatrist in town or after leaving our day- or in-patient treatment. Prerequisite for treatment in the PIA is that at the time of ongoing outpatient (PIA) treatment, that there is no other concurrent treatment with a local psychiatrist or in a PIA of another hospital.


Dr. Felix Betzler
Dr. Anais Djodari-Irani
Dr. Dr. Eva Friedel
Dr. Stefanie Gestrich
Armin Hoyer
Dr. Astrid Knobel
PD Dr. Stephan Köhler
Dr. Jens Plag
Dr. Berenice Romero
Johanna Schöner
Dr. Stefanie Schreiter
Friederike Wedemeyer


Dr. Karin Hoffmann
M. Sc. Steffen Schödwell
Dipl.-Psych. Esther Quinlivan
Dipl.-Psych. Sanja Hodzic
Dr. phil. Ulrike Kluge

Social workers

Dipl. Soz.-Päd. Kornelia Kristin Köhler
Dipl. Soz.-Päd. Arina Levchaeva

Nursing staff

Claudia Schmid
Kathrin Klinkmüller
Sabine Reusch
Thora Kühlke
Olga Vitlif


Gregor Eichhorn