Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Daniel Senkowski

Head of the Division Neuroimaging and Neurotechnology and of the Multisensory Integration Research Group

Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin
Große Hamburger Straße 5-11
10115 Berlin

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I am a Professor of Clinical Neuropsychology interested in the neural mechanisms underlying attention, perception, and cognition. Using electroencephalography, transcranial magnetic stimulation, and magnetic resonance spectroscopy, I examine these mechanisms in healthy individuals and in people with psychiatric disorders. A particular focus of my research is the examination of neural oscillations during multisensory processing. Neural oscillations serve as a mechanism enabling information transfer within and between cell assemblies in the brain. My research has been published in high-ranking journals and I received various prestigious research awards and grants, such as a Starting Grant from the European Research Council. My recent studies also involve the examination of virtual reality applications for the treatment of chronic pain.

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Selected Publications:

Keil J and Senkowski D. 2018. Neural oscillations orchestrate multisensory processing. Neuroscientist. 24: 609-626

Balz J, Keil J, Roa Romero Y, Mekle R, Schubert F, Aydin S, Ittermann B, Gallinat J, Senkowski D. 2016. GABA concentration in superior temporal sulcus predicts gamma power and perception in the sound-induced flash illusion. Neuroimage 125:724-730

Senkowski D, Gallinat J. 2015. Dysfunctional prefrontal gamma-band oscillations reflect working memory and other cognitive deficits in schizophrenia. Biological Psychiatry 77:1010-1019

Senkowski D, Kautz J, Hauck M, Zimmermann R, Engel AK. 2011. Emotional facial expression modulate early pain-induced beta and gamma oscillations in sensorimotor cortex. Journal of Neuroscience 31:14542-14550

Senkowski D, Höfle M, Engel AK. 2014. Crossmodal shaping of pain: a multisensory approach to nociception. Trends Cogn Sci 18:319-27

Senkowski D, Schneider TR, Foxe JJ, Engel AK. 2008. Crossmodal binding through neural coherence: implications for multisensory processing. Trends in Neurosci 31:401-409

For a full list of publications, see Google Scholar or PubMed.

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