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Prof. Dr. med. Felix Bermpohl

Chief Physician St. Hedwig-Krankenhaus, Head research division Affective Disorders and research group Mood Disorders

Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin
Große Hamburger Str. 5-11
10115 Berlin

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Felix Bermpohl has expertise in studying emotion, reward, social cognition, and cognitive control in patients with affective disorders and patients with substance use disorders. His methodological repertoire includes clinical assessment, neurocognitive testing, endocrine, genetic and epigenetic investigations, as well as functional magnetic resonsance imaging. Using these methods in the Mood Disorders Research Group, Felix Bermpohl is studying the psychological and neurobiological correlates of mental disorders, as well as the effects of non-pharmacological interventions. He is currently Principal Investigator in Berlin for BIPOLIFE (multi-center project on early psychotherapeutic intervention in patients with bipolar disorders; Ritter et al. 2016) and UBICA (multi-center project investigating the effects of a mentalization-based intervention to protect children of mentally ill parents).

Research profile