Assistant physicians

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Dr. med. M.Sc. Marion Christina Aichberger

Physician, Head of Research Group Global mental Health, Postdoctoral research fellow, Research Group Transcultural Psychiatry, Working group for Intercultural Research on Migration and the Health Sector

Dr. med. Felix Betzler

Medical specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy, Head of research group Recreational Drugs

Dr. med. Sophia Chrysanthou

Assistant physician

Dr. med. Anais Djodari-Irani

Research fellow, Physician

Dr. med. Merve Fritsch

Assistant physician

Dr. med. Claudia Hägele

Assistant physician, Teaching coordinator

Dr. med. Armin Hoyer

Assistant physician, Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic, Early diagnosis and intervention center for incipient psychosis Berlin-Brandenburg (FeTZ)

Dr. med. Jakob Kaminski

Assistant physician, Research group Learning & Cognition

Dr. med. Astrid Knobel

Postdoctoral research fellow, Physician

Dr. med. Michael Koslowski

Medical specialist in psychiatry und psychotherapy

Dr. med. Henriette Krug

Medical specialist for neurology and neuropsychiatry

Dr. med. Jens Plag

Postdoctoral research fellow, medical specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy, deputy head of the working group and special outpatient clinic for anxiety disorders

Roland Ricken

Postdoctoral research fellow, Physician

Prof. Dr. med. Florian Schlagenhauf

Physician, Head of research division Psychotic Disorders, Head of research group Learning & Cognition

Johanna Schöner

Assistant physician

Dr. med. Stefanie Schreiter

Assistant physician

Eike Jakob Spruth

Medical specialist in neurology and neuropsychiatry

Dr. med. Constantin Volkmann

Assistant physician, Head of Research Group Reconsidering psychiatric treatments

Friederike Wedemeyer

Assistant physician, research fellow

Dr. med. Veith Weilnhammer

Assistant physician, Postdoctoral research fellow, Research Group Visual Perception

Prof. Dr. med. Christine Winter

Medical specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy; Head of Division of Experimental and Molecular Psychiatry; Head of research group Experimental Psychiatry; Head of the Centre for Translational Neuromodulation